thinking out loud

…things that are on my mind, heart, and soul

things i am reading

our souls at work, mark russell

outlive your life, max lucado

the presentation secrets of steven jobs, carmin gallo

linchpin, seth godin

relational intelligence, steve saccone

curating worship, jonny baker


3 Responses

  1. Tim says:

    terry, interesting site. good thoughts. cheers, tim.

    • Barbara says:

      Interestingly(or not) not a single book on your list is on mine. I went to a fiction site the other day and wrote down about 10 books that I want to request from the library. Then I went to Barnes and Noble and have added a few more to the list. So many books and too little time.

  2. terrytimm says:

    Fiction – hmmm; not sure I have heard of that category before….I do plan to watch a few movies though Barb to get my dose of fiction.

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have the peace that passes understanding at the heart of yourself, but do not be at peace with the world. for the world is more malleable than we think and we must wrestle it from fools. (bono)
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