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Interesting Writing – Faulty Foundation

Soulprint: Discovering Your Divine Destiny is the latest release from Mark Batterson, pastor of National Community Church in Washington DC. I am a pretty big fan of Batterson’s past works and have used his Wild Goose Chase for a men’s group study (I find Batterson’s writing resonates especially well with guys).

Batterson is an excellent writer/story-teller and having had the opportunity to hear him speak in person, I actually feel he is a better writer than speaker. He knows how to craft interesting (and sound-byte like) sentences and fills the page with compelling stories lifted from art, music, sports, psychology, yesterday’s headlines and his experience as a local church pastor. One of the things I appreciate about Mark is that he writes his books first and after they are published he preaches them to his congregation. This is a different approach from many pastors/authors who preach first and then transcribe later.

Batterson describes Soulprint as a self-discovery book and takes his readers through an exploration of the life of David. His goal is to help readers discover their unique God-given identity and destiny. The book is filled with a significant amount of Scripture and contains plenty of truth and inspiration. That said, I have one major problem with the book – I disagree with Batterson’s basic premise For example:

  • “So the key to fulfilling your future destiny is hidden in your past memories”(6).
  • “David saw the person God had destined him to become: a giant killer. That was his true identity. That was his true destiny” (8).
  • “The only thing between you and your destiny is awkwardness” (113).

I don’t believe that these are true statements nor do they hold up against solid biblical thought, study and reflection. If you are looking for a solid biblical exploration of the life of David, let me recommend two classic works: Eugene Peterson’s, Leap Over a Wall” or Chuck Swindoll’s,”David.”

I have to confess that books with the word, “destiny” in the title make me feel uneasy.  While Soulprint is a well-written and interesting book to read, regrettably, because it is based upon some faulty theology, it ultimately falls short and misses the mark in my estimation.

(I received a complimentary copy of this book from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review).

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