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1.2.11 Worship Confessional

Happy New Year. I hope and pray you have had a great Christmas season. It has been a busy ten days for me with Christmas Eve coming on a Friday this year and then quickly followed up with a Sunday gathering. And this past week I conducted New Year’s Eve wedding. While it was a true joy to celebrate with a family I have known for many years, it was also a lot of extra work. The good news is that later today, I am headed to a friends house for a three day retreat. I am looking forward to beginning 2011 with some quiet time and space and believe that God has some things to speak into my life.

We continued our celebration of the season of Christmas during worship this morning. On the ninth day of Christmas, we took a scaled back approach musically with two guitars, bass and cajon and our worship set included:

  • Angels We Have Heard on High (Chris Tomlin version)
  • God Rest Ye Merry Gentleman (December Audio version)
  • Christmas Time (Phil Wickham)
  • Jesus Messiah (Chris Tomlin)
  • Light of the World (Matt Redman)

After singing Jesus Messiah, we prayed together an ancient Christmas prayer attributed to Augustine.

Let the just rejoice,
for their justifier is born.
Let the sick and infirm rejoice,
For their savior is born.
Let the captives rejoice,
For their Redeemer is born.
Let slaves rejoice,
for their Master is born.
Let free people rejoice,
For their Liberator is born.
Let All Christians rejoice,
For Jesus Christ is born. Amen

Rejoice for Jesus Christ is born!

You can learn what other communities of faith experienced in worship this weekend at The Worship Community.

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