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12.19.10 Worship Confessional

This morning was the fourth Sunday of Advent and we continued our preparations for the coming of Christ with a worship gathering wrapped around the theme of preparation. My message was based upon Isaiah 7 and Luke 1 and the significant name that was given to the One who would serve as both promise and sign of God’s faithfulness to God’s people: Emmanuel. This is one of my favorite names in Scripture and the promise of Advent is that we worship and serve a God who comes near to us in Jesus Christ. In Emmanuel, God is with us!

My fear is that I have become too causal, too nonchalant about this reality. And in my message today I raised this question: if it is true that Jesus is Emmanuel, the God who is with us:

  • Should we laugh or cry?
  • Should we cheer or lament?
  • Should we shout it from the rooftops or run and hide?

The truth of God’s advent among us demands all the above.

As you prepare for the celebration of Christ’s birth, I leave with you this two questions to consider as Emmanuel implications:

•    What are the signs of God’s presence in our world?
•    What does God’s presence with us require of us?

Musically speaking – one of the guitarists from our music team, Greg, stepped up and led worship through music this morning. Greg is a gifted musician, a trained trumpet player and high school band director and one of Greg best qualities is his servant heart. He truly This is the second time Greg has served our community by leading worship and he shared with us that the first time he was actually quite nervous. Today he wasn’t as nervous but acknowledged a different challenge point: sickness. Like a lot of people right now, Greg is battling a nasty cold. And despite not having his full voice, Greg faithfully led us to God through music.

One of the songs that Greg shared with us was a original piece called “Anticipating.” It had a hymn-like quality to it with four verses each addressing a different aspect of our anticipating Christ’s advent.  And Greg added a nice tag to it with the “Come, Lord Jesus come…” from Brenton Brown’s song, “All Who Are Thirsty.”

The rest of our worship set included:

O Come, O Come Emmanuel (traditional)
Salvation is Here (Hillsong)
My Soul Magnifies the Lord (Tomlin and Carson)
Jesus Messiah (Tomlin)
Anticipating (Greg Steele)

Learn what other communities of faith experienced this weekend in worship at The Worship Community.

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