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11.21.10 Worship Confessional

It was great to gather with the people of God this morning for worship. Today was the last Sunday of the liturgical year as we celebrated Christ the King Sunday. Established, in 1925, between the two Great Wars  — in the face of growing nationalism and secularism — Christ the King Sunday was created to proclaim the headship and rule of Jesus over every human institution, political entity, and economic and cultural ethos. As a call to worship, we used a powerful video from The Work of the People entitled The Reign of Christ. If you are not familiar with their visual liturgy I would encourage you to check out their resources. As well, I shared a message from Colossians 1:10-20 and Luke 23:33-43 and included the oft-quoted words from Abraham Kuyper: “there is not one square inch of the entire creation about which Jesus Christ does not cry out, ‘this is mine! this belongs to me!’

This morning my brother Rob led our music team. It has been a true blessing to partner with him. He is a talented guitar player and it has been a joy to see the growth in him not only as a musician, but more importantly as a follower and worshiper of Jesus Christ. I have been working with our music leaders on “leading worship in-between songs” and Rob practiced that this morning as he told a moving story on how he has seen his own daughter’s heart expand with love for her newborn daughter. As we reflect upon the love that God has for us and the great extent God went to demonstrate that love, may our hearts be expanded as well.

The worship set he put together and led included:

  • Shine Like the Son (Matt Maher)
  • Forever Reign (Hillsong and One Sonic Society)
  • Jesus Saves (Tim Hughes)
  • This is How We Know (Matt Redman)
  • Center (Charlie Hall)

It’s hard to believe that next Sunday we began the season of Advent. I’d love to hear what kind of plans you have for Advent.

Learn what other communities experienced in worship this weekend at The Worship Community.

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