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11.7.10 Worship Confessional

Today was the second time where we featured the music of one particular worship artist.  This morning all the songs we used in our gathering came from the movement known as Hillsong. I have been a pretty big fan of Hillsong ever since the first time I heard “Shout to the Lord” at a leadership conference at Willow Creek Church back in the 1990’s.

Hillsong has a passion for worship and helping others experience the presence and reality of God through music and the arts. One of the things I love most about Hillsong is that fresh expressions of the movement continually emerge. From a church in Sidney, Australia called Hillsong we have seen Hillsong United arise as well as Hillsong London. Last month at the David Crowder Fantastical Music Conference, I had the opportunity to experience worship with Hillsong London. It was perhaps the most intense, emotive, energizing, loud and passionate musical expressions of worship I have ever experienced.

Most churches I know cannot (and I might add should not try to) replicate the Hillsong sound. It is simply too big, too polished, too presentational in nature. However, I am really energized by the latest Hillsong project which is called Hillsong Chapel. Here is how they describe the project:

“Hillsong Chapel is an intimate and devotional collection of Hillsong songs by the Hillsong Live team. Recorded live in the Hillsong Chapel in March 2010, “Yahweh” is the first installment in this organic contemplative expression of praise and worship. Comprised of 13 congregational songs carefully rearranged to be more intimate, this project is perfect for smaller gatherings and will help resource smaller congregations with the favourites from Hillsong Live and Hillsong United.  It is also ideal for your own personal devotional and meditative times of worship.”

This morning we had a large group from our community of faith serving low income homeowners throughout the city in partnership with The Pittsburgh Project. And it was the perfect opportunity for us to scale back our music and try out the “Hillsong Chapel” sound and feel. We used two acoustic guitars, one electric, bass and a percussionist playing congas and a canjon (if you are not familar with the instrument – run quickly and find one: they are awesome). It was a lot of fun to scale back these songs and to discover afresh the beauty, depth and power.

Our Hillsong worship set included the following:

  • Came to My Rescue (bridge only)
  • Salvation is Here
  • Forever Reign
  • Mighty to Save
  • Yahweh
  • Stronger

I would love to hear about your worship gathering today and encourage you to earn what other communities of faith experienced in worship at The Worship Community.

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  1. Jeff Allen says:

    Sounds like an awesome experience. Thanks for posting about HIllsong Chapel. Hadn’t heard of it and now I’m sure we’ll be playing arrangements from it very soon.

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