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10.17.10 Worship Confessional

Our theme in worship this morning was partnership. Our community of faith partners with the Coalition for Christian Outreach (CCO) on the campus of Point Park University. We are in our second year of the partnership and having Katherine Sikma on our staff and working with the students at Point Park has brought a great deal of energy to our ministry.

This morning we did two things to celebrate our partnership. First, we invited Dave Bindewald, (CCO staff worker at CMU) to speak. Dave is an excellent communicator and brought an important and encouraging message on partnership based upon Genesis 1:24-28. My simple summary is this: God does not need us to accomplish His work here on earth, but God does invite us to join in the redemptive work He is already doing. That’s GREAT news!

The second thing we did was to invite three Point Park students to join our music team. Natalie (vocals), Caleb (acoustic guitar and vocals) and Vince (drums) shared their musical gifts and it was a joy to have them as part of our team today.

Our worship set included:

  • Lord, Reign in Me (Brenton Brown)
  • The Earth is Yours (Michael Gungor)
  • Glory to God Forever (Fee)
  • Mighty to Save (Hillsong)
  • How Great is Our God (Tomlin)

From the category of strange worship leadership moments: I had this cool idea to tag the chorus of “The Earth is Yours” at the end of “How Great is Our God” and to be honest it worked really well in rehearsal. However in worship, I completely blanked out on the melody and ended up singing a “new song” to the Lord.

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