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10.3.10 Worship Confessional

This past week I traveled with two of my key team members to Waco, Texas to participate in the first David Crowder Fantastical Church Music Conference. I can’t say this in strong enough words – this was a truly amazing experience.  Non-stop inspiration and creativity; solid teaching from people like Rob Bell, Louis Giglio and David Taylor;  a pleura of incredible musical artists (everything from Gungor, Jars of Clay, Hillsong London, Paper Route, Mike Crawford and His Secret Siblings and Civil Wars) – it was like drinking from a fire-hose. And being able to share this with Joe and Rob made the experience all the sweeter. Please check back later in the week as I hope to post a few reflections on the experience.

We returned to Pittsburgh late Saturday evening and with no rehearsal and very little sleep over the past three days, (and tons of good Texas BBQ and diet Dr Pepper in my system), I was more than a bit concerned about how things would transpire in our worship gathering (for future reference – someone please hold me accountable to never come home late Saturday from a conference again). As well, a couple of months ago I had the idea to do some Sundays that would focus musically on the work of one worship artist (Paul Baloche, Chris Tomlin, Matt Maher, Matt Redman…). Can you guess who was the first artist we selected? Of course, today was David Crowder Band Sunday.

Even though I was extremely fatigued, after the three fantastical days in Waco, I was spiritually energized to lead our community of faith. And can I say two things about our great God – God is gracious and God is faithful!

Here was our setlist:

  • Here is Our King
  • O Praise Him
  • My Hope
  • Wholly Yours
  • Come and Listen

Just a couple of notes. After “My Hope,” our Director of Spiritual Formation, Marlaena led us in a time of Scriptural reflection and prayer based upon one of the lectionary readings for the day from Lamentations 3. As well we used “Come and Listen” as a preparatory piece for hearing the text for the message (2 Timothy 2:1-14). Both of these elements helped to shape some quiet space for people to encounter God. It was also World Communion Sunday and after we came to the Table we responded to God’s goodness with Crowder’s version of the Sinead O’Conner song, “Thank You for Loving Me.” Thank You for loving me, finding me, hearing me, healing me and saving me! Thank you, Lord!

How did you encounter God today? What transpired during your worship experience? I would love to hear from you.

You can learn what happen in other communities of faith via the TheWorshipCommunity.Com.

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