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Worship Confessional 8/1/10

Today was a challenging Sunday.  Our lectionary text was Luke 12:13-21  – a passage that quite frankly is not taught on much in the American church. It hits a little bit too close to home for many of us – it hits too close to home with me.

Jesus gives a strong warning: “Watch out! Be on your guard for all kinds of greed; like does not consists in an abundance of possessions” and then follows up with a sharp story, the parable of the rich fool.

As I prepared this week, I spend time reading and reflecting on Rebecca DeYoung ‘s chapter on avarice, from her book, “Glittering Vices.” Avarice (“to crave”) is the word that the historic church has used to describe the sin of greed and I found DeYoung’s description of greed instruction and convicting:

“According to Aquinas, greed is an excessive love of or desire for money or any possession money can buy. The greedy person’s attachment to wealth can wear many faces – an overflowing shopping cart or a single purchase, a stock portfolio that is aggressive or conservative, a wallet full of credit cards or a safety deposit box with a few carefully guarded treasures, a garage full of expensive cars or a closet jammed full of “great deals. It can affect the young, the old, and everyone in-between. In all of its varied expressions, however, greed is a perverted love. Its profile has disordered desire written all over it.”

In light of the Scripture text and DeYoung’s commentary,I articulated the hardest personal question as this:

Why do I pursue the security and comfort that the riches of this world provide rather than doing whatever it takes to become rich toward God?

We shaped our worship gathering around the themes of joining creation in singing God’s praise and trusting in God’s faithfulness in all things. Here were the main elements:

  • Let Me Sing (Fields)
  • Sing, Sing, Sing (Tomlin)
  • Reading from Psalm 107
  • Faithful Over Us (Darnell)
  • Reading from Ephesians 2:1-10 (MSG)
  • You Alone Can Rescue (Redman)
  • Rich Young Ruler (Webb)
  • Message (you can download on our audio site, Thinking Out Loud)
  • Open Up the Sky (Stockstill)

I would love to hear what the shape of your worship gathered looked like today and what challenged and helped connect you in a deeper way to God, one another and our world.

Stay connected…


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  1. dennarr says:

    Terry – thanks for the comment on my post…I like the Eph 2 intro…we may need to work that in next time – even as a responsive reading!

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