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Exponential (2): Big Ideas from Louie Giglio

One of the most passionate communicators in the Church today is Louie Giglio. A major force already in the church based upon his leadership of the Passion movement, Giglio, at the age of 50, has entered the arena of church planting. Passion City Church began about 14 months ago in the Atlanta area and it was fun to hear Giglio talk about his experience as a newbie pastor.

Here are some of the big ideas from Giglio’s talk at Exponential:

  1. Sometimes God gets in the way to show us the way.
  2. What kind of church are you? I’m not sure sure yet? The Acts 2 church didn’t know what kind of church they were
  3. I don’t want to be a revolving door leader captivated by the latest language, book or fad.
  4. If we do not focus upon the Word of God, the empty tomb and the power of the Holy Spirit – where will the transformation come from?
  5. The words of God never fail their assignment.

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