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Hope for Haiti Now

On Friday evening artists and celebrities around the globe collaborated on a very special music event entitled Hope for Haiti Now: A Global Benefit for Earthquake Relief. The event was designed to raise both awareness about the crisis in Haiti and funds to provide real help and hope to the people of that devastated land.

While I only had the opportunity to watch the last 30 minutes of the event live on Friday evening, when the audio and video of the event became available on Saturday I quickly downloaded it via iTunes. This morning on my walk I listened to all twenty of the performances (it was a long walk) and while there were a few performances that musically didn’t quite make it for me, here is my bottom line: the Hope for Haiti Now project found artists doing what artists do best  – inspiring people. Inspiring people to live more deeply into the story and to find their part in being part of the solution.

And so I ask you: what’s your part in the solution to the crisis in Haiti? How can you be an answer to the prayers of the Haitian people for real help and hope in their time of real need?

Today I had my first cup of coffee in eight days. During that time I was drinking only water and pooling the money I saved on coffee and diet cokes (and milk and juice…). Tomorrow I will be making a gift to Deep Springs International, an organization with a vision of making clean water available to the people of Haiti through a novel approach to fighting poverty that integrates sustainable solutions to the problems of lack of safe water, lack of job-relevant education, spiritual poverty, and unemployment. I am learning more about this organization and the work they are doing in Haiti day by day and I would encourage you to check them out as well.

As well, in the days ahead our community of faith will be prayerfully asking God what our part might be in the longer term solution to the rebuilding of Haiti.

What organizations and ministries are you partnering with? I would love to learn more about how God is inspiring you and moving you to action. Together we can bring real help and hope to Haiti now!

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