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Keep Us Faithful to Your Dream

A friend sent me this prayer by Ted Loder crafted in honor of Martin Luther King and created to inspire and empower us to keep faithful to the dream. I find the words especially meaningful in light of the crisis in Haiti and the destruction that has devastated that nation.

Today on this day we honor Dr King, let us remember his words, “injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere” and pray and act to the end that the words of the prophet Amos might be fulfilled: “Let justice roll on like a river, righteousness like a never ending stream” (Amos 5:24).

Please pray with me:

O God of all nations and peoples,
We are grateful for the dreams
Of freedom, justice, and peace
Forever spun by your Spirit
And focused by prophets in every age.

We are grateful that in our time
You call every man and woman
To lift up and live by that dream,
To embody it in our world by
Walking the walk,
Confessing our complicities
Braving the work,
Daring the confrontation,
Exposing the lies,
Singing our faith,
Asking the questions,
Raising the Cain,
Making the sacrifices,
Organizing the community,
Easing the hate,
Expanding the compassion,
Enduring in humility,
Risking the revolution of love,
And ratifying the ‘not for sale’ sign on our souls.

We especially praise you this day
For the life of Martin Luther King Jr.
And for countless others down the ages
Whose names are known and unknown,
And for those who yet lift up the dream and confirm it as yours,
Who quicken the conscience of this country
And the human family around this globe,
Whose courage and commitments,
Vision and enthusiasm and joy
Brace our spirits and fire our wills.

So we thank you and remember
And move boldly on in the faith that,
However dark the night,
However fearful the tyrannies of oppression,
However heavy the weight of arrogance,
We can yet be confident and buoyant in you and your promise
That one day justice will roll down like waters
And righteousness like an ever-flowing stream
And peace abide in our hearts
Through this land,
On this earth
Between brothers and sisters of every race,
Every nation, every faith, every orientation,
Every generation, every wounded, wonderful
One and all of your human family.

Keep us faithful to that promise,
Your dream,
And for Christ’s sake, and for ours.


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