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Good News from OptINnow

For the past year, I have been trying to bring real help and hope to women in Africa through micro-economics loans. By partnering with others through the work of organizations like KIVA and OptINnow, small amounts of money can make a huge difference to some of the poorest yet hardest working people on the planet.

Today I received this update on a loan I made about six months ago to a Kenyan women named Florence Achieng. It is a reminder that God is in the business of transforming lives and bringing all the broken and disclosed pieces of the universe back together again in and through Jesus Christ. As you read her story, if the Spirit so prompts you, why not invest $25, in the life of a hard working woman in Africa. Help her break the cycle of poverty and get with the God who is on the side of the widow and the ophran.

OptINnow Update

Florence Achieng is a young industrious lady aged 30 married with 1 child and lives with her brother and sister. She is able to earn money to pay for her loan,provide for the basic needs and to invest Kshs.1000 in her bank account monthly. She wishes to expand her grocery business to carry tomatoes and cereals.

Florence Achieng runs a grocery business in her neighborhood. She meets her customers’ needs so they do not have to travel far to purchase groceries. Certain clients have asked her to provide them with regular stock of certain grocery items, and so she has used her loan to satisfy their demands by purchasing certain goods in wholesale. When she satisfies her customer’s demands, she increases her profits. With these profits from the wise investment of her loan, she was able to expand her grocery store to include the sale of chips (American French Fries), the most common cheap lunch item in Kenya. The sale of this popular lunch item has really assisted Florence in providing for her household. Thank you for the hand-up you gave Florence through this loan! This loan was repaid in full.

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2 Responses

  1. Reuben says:

    Hi Terry,
    It is great to read how OptINnow has impacted you. My name is Reuben, I’m the product manager for OptINnow, and I’m excited to see that you have joined with us as we work to help people extract themselves from the grip of poverty.

    Thanks for sharing about it on your blog!


  2. terry says:

    thanks for stopping by Reuben – keep pressing on!

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