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A Message of Hope and Compassion

Last Sunday our community of faith was privileged to have Princess Zulu from Zambia as a guest speaker for our worship gathering. Princess is an international spokesperson on the global HIV and AIDS pandemic and has had opportunity to tell her story before presidents and prime ministers, kings and queens alike. It truly was a God thing that on World Communion Sunday she was in the gym at Eisenhower Elementary School opening up the Word of God to us.

Princess brought a message of hope and compassion. She retold the Parable of the Good Samaritan from her African perspective and reminded each of us and all of us that our sisters and brothers in Africa are indeed our neighbors who are in deep need. Compassion calls us to “go and do likewise.”

You can listen to Princess’ message at my audio site, Thinking Out Loud. May her words, in the power of the Spirit, move you into action today.

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