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Faith and Politics Reading List

It’s that time again in the life cycle of our nation. Election time, that is. Later this month I will be facilitating a series of dialogues for our community of faith on some of the important and hot button issues facing our nation and world – issues on which people of faith sometimes disagree.

In my preparation for this dialogues I am doing some reading and research. Here is my current working bibliography. Do you have any recommendations – any must reads? I would love your input?

  • Jesus for President (Shane Claiborne and Chris Haw)
  • God and Government (Chuck Colson)
  • The Myth of a Christian Nation: How the Quest for Political Power is Destroying the Church (Gregory A Boyd)
  • God’s Name in Vain: The Wrongs and Rights of Religion in Politics (Stephen Carter)
  • The Future of Faith in American Politics: The Public Witness of the Evangelical Center (David P. Gushee)
  • Beyond Left and Right (Amy Black)
  • Red Letter Christians (Tony Campolo)
  • The Great Awakening: Reviving Faith and Politics in a Post-Religious Right America (Jim Wallis)
  • Personal Faith, Public Policy (Tony Perkins and Harry Jackson)
  • The Scandal of Evangelical Politics: Why Are Christians Missing the Chance to Really Change the World? (Ronald J. Sider)

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2 Responses

  1. alyssa says:

    I’m reading The Scandal of Evangelical Politics now too. Good and challenging stuff so far!

  2. Dianne says:

    So much to read; so little time. I just picked up The Great Awakening at the library (off the best-seller shelf – go figure) and so far so good.

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