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What Would You Ask McCain and Obama?

Yesterday I received an email from Rick Warren. No, I do not personally know Rick (although I did meet Rick at the Live 8 event in Philadelphia a couple of years ago and was very impressed by his winsome nature and willingness to spend time with the common people). As a subscriber to Rick’s email updates, I along with thousands of other pastors received the following request:

“This next Saturday, August 16, 2008, I will interview Senators John McCain and Barack Obama for an hour each at our nationally televised Saddleback Civil Forum on the Presidency. The following morning I will be preaching a message entitled “The Kind of Leadership America Needs.” I’d value your opinion and feedback. What question would you ask BOTH candidates if you had the chance? Please frame your question in a way that it could be asked of both candidates (to be fair) and email it to me at This would be a great help to me.”

OK, I have a couple of questions to ask you:

  • Should Rick Warren as a pastor be interviewing the two candidates?
  • Will you watch the event?
  • What question would you ask BOTH candidates if you had the chance?

I would love to hear your thoughts about this historic event.

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2 Responses

  1. kathleenp says:

    I do think ministers have a “legitimacy” in this arena as they are influencers in shaping culture. Afterall, many of the members of the 1st Contintental Congress were Christian ministers, as was Martin Luther King, Jr.

    I would love to watch the interviews, how does one do that?

    I would probably broach the pro-life issue with both candidates. I, personally, see the right to life as the basest of all human rights. I think it duplicite when we say that we want to fight for human rights/ civil rights, but deny a whole population their right to live. Personally, this is an issue I can’t get beyond .. to me, it would be like Hitler offering a really great poverty-relief program … a get out of war-world II plan, BUT continue to operate concentration camps.

    I will get off of my soapbox now!

  2. The Coffee House Christian says:

    I actually watched most of those interviews. the DayStar network aired it on their cable channel.

    I thought it was interesting as far as some of the questions. Both candidates were asked their view points on religion and where they stood with God and Christ. They both say that they have good standings with Father and Son. But that was just too easy of an answer for me. They were asked other questions that were around Christianity; I just don’t think they were indulged enough.

    As far as having a Christian figure interviewing, I actually think that it was the best way to “get to the source”. But again, my questions weren’t answered.

    I need to know how often each of these men pray and talk to God everyday. I need to know if they are as fluent as most practicing Christians,ie; prayers in the morning/daily devotions?

    Decisions made with God in mind first or secondly?

    Could you or would you make an attempt to, provided you are a practicing Christian and not just a formulated Christian by routine, lead in the way Jesus lead?

    I don’t know. Maybe these may seem to be “far fetched” questions, but,
    I think Christianity is being “conveniently” swept under the rug and I don’t like it. Maybe these things need to happen according to scripture, but isn’t possible that just maybe we could have a leader brave enough and bold enough to go against the opposition??

    I pray everyday that God gives us a leader that stands in the forefront as a leader of, not only the U.S., but the world. The U.S. has lost so much credibilty due to some poor decision making from some (what I consider) poor leaders.


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