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Where the Light Is

I am not a big fireworks kind of guy – in fact I usually skip them and find some alternative activity to engage in. How many times can watch fireworks? The same thing over and over again; I just don’t get it. Thousands of dollars exploding in the sky – I can think of a ton of better ways to expend the money. I know this is blasphemous – especially in Pittsburgh, but I just don’t get it.

This year on July 4th, I think I will engage in some musical fireworks. I’m planning on watching “Where the Light Is: John Mayer Live in Los Angeles.”

The movie presents, as Mayer puts it, “the three incarnations of John Mayer:” an acoustic set, a set from the John Mayer Trio, and a set with his full band. 22 songs from “Neon” to “Belief” and a whole lot in between.

My daughter Hannah turned me on to John Mayer a number of years ago – she saw him in a small club here in Pittsburgh long before he was a popstar. She ought to be in the music industry as she has an uncanny ability to recoginze musical talent and star power long before the mainstream population.

I know Mayer gets ripped on an awful lot. But I enjoy his stuff – he knows how to write a great hook, he can make the guitar sing and he has surrounded himself with some amazing musicians.

So what will you be doing this fourth of July? What kind of fireworks will be happening in your life?

Just keep me where the light is….


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