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Hard Driven-Ness or the Spirit’s Gentle Wind?

Loved this reflection from today’s prayer update from the Micah Challenge.

‘Our current political crisis is obviously not going to be solved by the usual tools with which we engage the powers. As with much of our life these days, we are stumped, baffled by all the technological changes around us side by side with the persistence of ancient wrongs that would not yield to all our efforts at social engineering.

That’s the conclusion that Dr Melba Maggay draws on the situation in the Philippines. She continues to ask: ‘As people of God, what does the Lord require of us in a time such as this?’

The prophet Micah answered with ‘peasant bluntness’ to the same question that was asked by the people of Israel in similar times as ours in Micah 6: 1-8.

‘There is no divorce between concern for justice and personal righteousness, governance and giving, liberation and loving acts of mercy…..Most of all, we walk with God, who is the source of all life and meaning. Without him, we become mere activists who degenerate into judge and executioner of those who don’t happen to fit our ideal social order, or mere social workers who get burnt out by do-gooding. Again and again, we need to ask: ‘where does the power come from?’ Is the force coming from a hard driven-ness or the Spirit’s gentle wind beneath our wings?’

Lord, save us from being mere activists and let us be driven by the Spirit of God in our actions.

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