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Yesterday I spent about six hours in one of my favorite spots in the south hills of Pittsburgh: Azzeria. It is a great place and operates on both sides of Banksville Road – one location during the daylight hours and the other during the late afternoon and evening rush.

I began my morning with a strong cup of coffee and conversation with two of my Venti Africa partners, Barb and Marilyn. We also feasted on some amazing breakfast panini, egg, cheese, roasted tomatoes, all wood-fired and so tasty!

After our meeting I spent a couple of hours crafting my message for Sunday. This is week three of “The Big Give,” and we’ll be exploring the big idea that we are blessed to be a blessing. Scott Hodge turned me on to some software that I am been playing with this week. It’s called MindManager (no jokes about my mind needed managed, thank you!) and it enables you to create visual maps of meetings, projects, and even Sunday morning messages. Azzeria is a great environment for me to work in as it is open and bright, they always are playing great music, their wi-fi is always functioning, and Gary, Mike, and the rest of the staff have the good sense of intuition to know when their customers need some space or need some conversation and interaction to keep the creative juices flowing.

Around 1:30 PM, Patty, Nathan and Hannah joined me for lunch. Azzeria’s white pizza is simply the best (Hannah made the wise choice of a chicken pesto panini and as someone who has been to Italy recently she gave it rave reviews). And even though Azzeria is BYODC (bring your own diet coke) you can’t find a better place to enjoy good food, good people, and good space to create.

Where’s your favorite spot to eat, work, and connect with people?

Stay connected…


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2 Responses

  1. Lamont says:

    Thanks for the encouragement for “Cups for change!”

  2. gabrièlle says:

    yay azzeria! one of my favorites is blue horse coffee in MTL (not montreal) across from the galleria…their mexican hot chocolate is the best!!!!
    and yeah, i used to go there to draw and stuff over christmas break!

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