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Q Day 2

It has been a long day. We begin our morning with worship by Eddie Kirkland and ended the evening with a beautiful acoustic set and some very honest words about faith and the church from Isaac Slade and Joe King from the Fray. Along the way:

Louie Giglio reminded me that in a world that is constantly changing there remains one who is unchanging, Jesus. And as Jesus is both inside and outside of time those who are in Him are inside and outside of time as well. Jamie Tworkowski told us Renee’s story and how important it is “to write love on her arms.” Jim Wallis shared that politicians are people who are good at knowing which way the wind is blowing; social movements change the wind. Dave Gibbons cast vision for a third culture: a mindset and will to love, live and serve in any culture even in the midst of pain and suffering. Eric Reynolds asked the question, “are we being good ancestors?” Owen Leimbach wondered out loud “are we becoming consumers of causes?” Makato Fujimura artfully expressed a new deeper understanding of beauty and warned us that anytime we isolate beauty from Christ we are at risk of creating an idol. And perhaps the most poignant moment of the day: James, a former inmate from the Bronx, sharing the power of love and acceptance.

What a rich, deep day.

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have the peace that passes understanding at the heart of yourself, but do not be at peace with the world. for the world is more malleable than we think and we must wrestle it from fools. (bono)
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