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Day One of the “Q“. Modern technology continues to amaze me. I slept in my own bed last night and was in Manhattan for an 8:30 AM cup of coffee (it was an early flight).

This day was filled with some inspiring, challenging, brain stretching and heart touching presentations. Here was the line-up so far today (worship and Tim Keller this evening):

Jon Tyson
Gabe Lyons
Bill McKibben
Francis Collins
Chuck Colson
Leroy Barber
Eboo Patel
Andy Crouch

Here are a couple of quick thoughts. Jon Tyson challenged us to “go beyond seeking to rescue people from the systems of evil and instead unleash new systems of good in the world.” Gabe Lyons said, the church is the only entity that can bring together people from the seven channels of cultural influence. Bill McKibben stated that instead of acting like stewards over the creation we have behaved like arsonists. Francis Collins presented signs of God from both the good book (Scripture) and the beautiful book (creation) and argued that as followers of Jesus we might need to develop a theology of evolution. Chuck Colson reminded me that Christianity is the best explanation for reality. Leroy Barber called us to be the beloved community. Eboo Patel asked us if he as a Muslim was welcome in the beloved community. And Andy Crouch reminded us that we can’t change the world – but God already has.

Stay connected…


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have the peace that passes understanding at the heart of yourself, but do not be at peace with the world. for the world is more malleable than we think and we must wrestle it from fools. (bono)
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