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A Great Question

Margaret Feinberg asked me a great question the other day (no, I don’t personally know Margaret, but she did ask me the question as I was reading her wonderful book, The Organic God. She also went as far to say that she wanted me to email her my response. That will come a bit later today.) Here’s the question: “what do you love about Jesus?”

One of the things I love most about Jesus is His heart toward people. I love His commitment and desire to do whatever it might take so that everyone He encountered would know that they were deeply loved and valued by God. No matter where people came from, no matter what their background, gender, socio-economic status, or religious preference was – Jesus, through His deeds and words, demonstrated the amazing love of God. Sometimes he reached out and touched people, other times it was the right word at the right moment. For some it was a challenging teaching or even a strong rebuke; for some it was a meal of bread and fish. For all, it was the in-break of God upon their lives.

Today’s my birthday – leave me a gift if you would. What do you love about Jesus?

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